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nA historic Calder Valley house may be turned into a visitor attraction. Bell House Barn in Cragg Vale, used by the Cragg Vale Coiners counterfeit gang, was partly destroyed in a storm in 1974. Now the owners want to reconstruct it as a museum to the Coiners with a three-bedroom B and B and a visitor centre for ramblers.nMore than 20 elderly residents at Carr Green Nursing Home, Rastrick, had to be evacuated in a gas scare. They were first moved to a nearby care home then to homes throughout the district. The 23 residents, aged 70 to 97, were given blankets and cups of tea to keep them warm and stayed cheerful by singing wartime songs.


nHalifax Thespians are celebrating 60 years of making plays. The society, based at the Playhouse in King Cross Street, had humble beginnings in the mid-1920s, when an advert in the Halifax Courier invited people to join an amateur dramatic society. Now the society has 500 members and new rehearsal and social facilities are being developed.

nUndertakers from all over Britain attended the country’s first auction of hearses, held in Brighouse by British Car Auctions in Armytage Road. Fifty three of the 63 vehicles were sold for a total of £692,000. A new Granada Dorchester fetched the highest price, £25,000, although that was £10,000 less than expected. Lowest price was for a 1965 Wolseley hearse, which fetched £100.


nHalifax Corporation is to build two blocks of flats, one of 11 storeys nd one of 14, at Great Albion Street, Halifax, at a cost of £454,000. The scheme also includes four maisonettes, four shops and four garages. Building is due to start in March next year.

nA Halifax garage was gutted by fire. The blaze, at County Garage, Hope Street, was spotted by a shopkeeper at about midnight. Firemen found flames shooting through the roof and the building ablaze from end to end. Nearby houses were evacuated.