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l5 years ago

nNotorious murderer Derek Fleming has been freed from jail. In 1993 Fleming wept crocodile tears on TV, begging his daughter, Linda, 23, to return to the family home in Elland. But he knew she would never return . He had bludgeoned her to death with a lump hammer and dumped her body on moorland at Scammonden.

nCalderdale Council is to take a cut in the profits to save the much-delayed Broad Street development of shops, flats, car park and cinema in Halifax. Instead of a straightforward profit share the council is to accept a lump sum payment of £2 million plus an equal share of profits over 15 per cent.

l25 years ago

nA gang armed with glasses bottles and sticks wrecked a Halifax nightclub in an orgy of violence. Customers watched in terror as staff at Ritzy’s nightclub, Silver Street, were pelted with tables, buffets and glasses. Doors and windows were smashed, a bar demolished and tables, chairs and lights smashed.

nThe Prince of Wales brought a touch of warmth to chilly Halifax. He arrived at Halifax station and visited the site of the £5 million Eureka Children’s Museum. He also saw the £1 million scheme to turn the former Halifax police station in Harrison Road it into magistrates’ courts and called at Dean Clough Industrial Park.

l50 years ago

nRose Ann Coulter had a shock when she gave birth to triplets at Halifax General Hospital. For Mrs Coulter, of Mixenden, was expecting only one child. The triplets, Peter, Paul and Christopher, weighed in at between 3lb and 3lb 2 oz. They bring the family of Rose and John Coulter to 11 – eight boys and three girls.

nA Halifax man’s garage business went up in flames – just 10 days before he is to be married.Motor engineer Noel Wrin, aged 28, used garages at Stafford Square, Huddersfield Road, but last night three of his garages caught fire. A van was burnt out and three cars damaged.