Help me in search for Mike

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South Wales

In January 2011 I founded the Old Thornwood Campians’ Association with the intention of tracing colleagues I served with in the Royal Army Medical Corps, 6 Field Ambulance, Thornwood Camp, near Epping, Essex, between 1953 and 1959, when the camp was abandoned.

To date I have traced 25 living members and, sadly, another 15 who have passed away. As we are all in our mid-70s now – I am 76 – time is running out and the various sources I have used are running out. Local newspapers, magazines and journals have all been extremely useful.

I am particularly interested in finding a Michael “Mike” Taylor who, I believe, hailed from Halifax and, before starting his national service in 1956 worked at Riley’s, the confectioners, famous for their toffees. He was friendly with a chap called Brian Butler, who came from Wakefield.

Mike would be 75 or 76 now and we would be thrilled if you could find space to advertise our search for him.

Keith Richards

(Tel: 01633 774205; email: keithrichards1937