Marking 100 years of Boys’ Brigade company

26 Lord Street

Sowerby Bridge

I am writing to let you know that the 12th Halifax Company of the Boys’ Brigade is 100 years old in March 2013 and we are having a small centenary “do” on Saturday March 16 to celebrate the event. This will consist of a short service and tea in the school room, starting at 3pm.

The company has moved on since it was based at the former Fairfield Methodist Church in Queen’s Road, Halifax, and is now at New Hope United Reformed Church, which used to be Highroad Well and Warley URC in Warley Road, Highroad Well, Halifax.

If anyone connected with the company is able to come I would be pleased to hear from them and if any readers know the addresses or phone numbers of anyone who was with the company I would be glad to know as we have plenty of names but no addresses! I look forward to hearing from them.

Colin Walker

(Company captain, 12th Halifax Company,Boys’ Brigade, tel: 01422 832607; email: colin12thhx