Retelling story of swinging Sixties!

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As part of my final year practical project for university I am looking to interview anyone who remembers the music scene in Halifax during the 1960s.

A History of Music in Halifax will be a radio programme made for our own community station, Phoenix FM.

I need to include local people who may remember being invited to the Clarey Disco at Crown Street or the Live Jive at Victoria Hall or anyone who has fond memories of the local music scene when Tony Blackburn was the UK’s No 1 DJ.

I’m also looking for local people who worked in the clubbing, entertainment and music scene during this era to get a real picture of what the nightlife was like in Halifax back then.

If any of your readers have anything that might add to the feature and wouldn’t mind being on the radio then would they please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from them.

Matthew James

(Tel: 07538494554; email: