18 year-old headbutted taxi driver

AN EIGHTEEN year-old has been jailed for five months after hurling racist abuse and attacking a taxi driver on Christmas Day.

Kieron Blackie, of Eland House, Elland, admitted racially aggravated assault and common assault at Calderdale Magistrates Court.

The court heard Blackie went into the Elland Cars taxi office in the town saying he had been short changed by £15 the night before.

Lisa Beadle, prosecuting, said Blackie approached the owner, shouting abuse, before using racially offensive language.

He then told the owner if he would not reimburse him, he would take a nearby TV monitor as payment.

Driver Pervez Khan, had been watching the incident and came inside to try calm Blackie down.

As he walked into the office, he saw Blackie throw the television on the floor.

Mr Khan tried to escort Blackie outside as police were called, but he threw punches at him and headbutted Mr Khan, leaving him with a swollen and bleeding lip.

Blackie ran away and was found by police hiding under a bed in a nearby home.

The attack, which happened in the early evening, happened while Blackie was subject to a community order, handed out by Calderdale Youth Court over another assault.

He had three previous convictions for assault, all from the youth court.

Kathryn Walsh, representing Blackie said: “This is clearly a nasty offence and the opening of the case speaks for itself.

“He was unable to recollect anything about this offence because he was so intoxicated when he committed it. “He accepts that the way he behaved and treated that person was disgraceful.

“The only way he was able to appreciate the significance of this offence was because the incident was captured on CCTV,” she said.

Blackie, who was expected to face trial last month pleaded guilty on the day of his trial.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

Handing down their five month sentence, the magistrates said the seriousness of the assault left them with no choice but to give him a custodial sentence.