A night of good, clean family fun

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Milton Jones: Lion Whisperer

Victoria Theatre, Halifax

JONES by name, jokes by nature.

Mad-haired Milton Jones provided the perfect antithesis to foul-mouthed footballers (and comedians) with a show full of originality, wit and one-liners and without a hint of bad language or bad timing.

Antithesis was probably the only family member he didn’t muse about in his whimsical take on life in front of a near-capacity crowd.

He first appeared on stage as his own grandfather, with this little tale: “I had a cousin who used to live in Mixenden. He kept his money under the mattress on the grounds that no one would think of looking in the front garden.”

And from there it was family fun all the way as, following half an hour of giggles with gangly young comic James Acaster, the real Milton Jones arrived on stage in a brightly coloured shirt with an equally dazzling array of one-liners that had grown men and women guffawing.

We found out about his sister, who had been told not to eat wheat. She died... killed by a combine harvester.

He failed to wait until his father had finished his sentences, resulting in Milton ending up in Holland rather than at the local health food store.

And on the subject of comfort food, he explained: “I don’t think much of the drink, though – it’s like fabric conditioner.”

In such depressed and depressing times it’s refreshing to find a comedian who can lift the spirits so simply.

And why is the tour called Lion Whisperer? It’s because another of his many grandfathers mastered the art... just before they died.

Pauline Hawkins