A place for spiritual contemplation

New garden space at Overgate Hospice
New garden space at Overgate Hospice

Overgate Hospice has opened new grant-funded garden spaces to improve care facilities for staff, patients and visitors.

Last weekend the hospice announced the completion of two brand new garden spaces, designed to provide a place for spiritual contemplation, counselling sessions and general relaxation for staff, patients and families they support.

The spaces are situated in the hospice grounds and consist of two spacious rooms, a small kitchen and a large decking area. The spaces are fully accessible and look onto the beautiful, peaceful gardens.

The need for the spaces was recognised by Chaplain Lesley Cheetham, who felt that a dedicated quiet space was needed and that carers and family members attending the hospice for bereavement counselling may prefer to have the session away from the care environment of their loved one. In addition, the spaces will also be utilised at the hospice’s events, such as its annual garden party. The spaces will also provide the perfect setting for services of remembrance (and the occasional patient wedding) as requested by the patients and their families.

Lesley stated “Once out in the garden everyday concerns and worries are left behind and the user of the quiet space is left free to focus creatively and reflectively without interruption or encumbrance. This offers something to enhance the quality of life in the context of palliative care.”

Overgate received £164k from the Department of Health and has utilised the money in a variety of ways, including updating aspects of the In-patient Unit and improving the day hospice garden in addition to funding the garden spaces build.