agony of mum stamped on 45 times

Anonymous user of the Calder Valley Club.
Anonymous user of the Calder Valley Club.
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A FUN-LOVING mum was horrifically attacked when she told her boyfriend she wanted to end their relationship.

The young mother-of-four had both her wrists broken, was stamped on 45 times and was left with brain damage.

“Her boyfriend took her mobile phone – he meant for her to die,” said the victim’s mum.

The mother of the attacked woman – who we will not identify – is now campaigning against the closure of Calder Valley Club at Mytholmroyd, which her daughter visits weekly.

The mother of the 35-year-old victim said: “That boyfriend took away her chance of a normal life.

“The club is her chance of a normal life – and now even that’s being taken away.”

Her daughter’s ordeal happened four years ago when her four children were all under 10.

The boyfriend had shown his temper before, said the family, but he had never directed his violence at his partner.

All that was about to change.

Then she was assaulted by her ex-partner in a horrific and heartbreaking double attack.

He had shown his temper before, but never on her, and like many victims, she had not told her family.

In the first part of the attack at her home in the early evening he broke both her wrists.

She was left in agony.

Hours later he returned to her home, shouting for her to let him in. So her children were not woken, she let him inside.

He attacked her again.

After she came round she had a severe headache. She tried to lie down to sleep it off. When she tried to stand, her legs wouldn’t work. She tried to move, and couldn’t. She tried to reach for her mobile phone to call for help, but it wasn’t there.

When she was found lying cold, alone and in indescribable pain by her neighbour and mum the next morning, they counted 45 separate stamp wounds on her body.

She was rushed to hospital where doctors later found her carotid artery had been severed leaving her with brain damage.

When he was arrested, her pink mobile phone was found in his pocket. “He took her mobile phone, he meant for her to die,” said her mum.

Four years later and some of the physical injuries have healed but the mental scarring and lack of confidence remain.

Her four children now have to be looked after by their devoted grandma.

Two years ago she had built up enough confidence to start going out and meeting people. Every Thursday she visited the Calder Valley Club.

At the Mytholmroyd-based Calder Valley Club she had people of her own age to chat to and took part in activities.

All the clients at the club are physically disabled, so she was no different.

There were other young parents with children getting used to having a parent with a disability. They could be a normal family.

Now her heartbroken Mum is fighting through tears for the club to stay open, so her daughter can go to the place she loves.

She is outraged its closure is being allowed by Calderdale Council.

At the Calder Valley Club she can play on the Wii, have beauty treatments and things other young mum’s are doing. She can talk about music and the TV shows she likes.

“She’s in a young atmosphere there. They’re young staff, young people and young people need to be able to talk and do things that other young people do.”

Through time, her daughter has built up the confidence and ability to live alone again.

But she has two carers and her children live with their grandma.

“He took away her chance at a normal life, this is her chance at normality and now even that’s being taken away,” said her mum.