All in a day’s work, says John the PC

Gerard and Tracey with daughter Ebony and PC John Stocks who escorted them to hospital
Gerard and Tracey with daughter Ebony and PC John Stocks who escorted them to hospital
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A HIGH-speed hospital dash with a police escort made this little girl’s arrival into the world more dramatic than most.

Ebony Paige Crossley-Clayton was born in the back of her family’s Subaru minutes after they pulled up outside Calderdale Royal Hospital.

They got there thanks to PC John Stocks and PC Stephen McNamara, who put their blue lights on to get mum Tracey Fish, from Harley Wood in Todmorden, there on time.

“I knew she was coming but the way she did was very unexpected,” said Tracey.

When the 26-year-old went into labour at her home, she and partner Gerard Crossley-Clayton were not sure the ambulance would be able to get to them in time, so decided to set off to hospital in their car along with Tracey’s mum, Eileen Fish.

But Ebony Paige was arriving quicker than they expected.

“At Hebden Bridge my mum had to jump in the back of the car because the baby was coming,” said Tracey.

When they got to Luddenden Foot, they noticed PC Stocks and PC McNamara in a car by the side of the road.

The family flagged the officers down, explained the situation, and asked for help.

The officers gave them a police escort and they arrived at the hospital in the nick of time.

“My mum had hold of Ebony Paige’s head at King Cross.

“She was coming out whether I liked it or not,” said Tracey.

“I was trying to look out of the window and see where we were. We pulled up outside the hospital and Gerard ran for the midwife.

“He said the baby is coming here in the car. They went to get towels but it was a bit late for that.

“The midwife climbed in the back with me.

“She said push and two pushes later she was here.”

Ebony Paige is a sister to the couple’s older daughter Chole, seven, and Gerard’s son, 14-year-old Tommy Few.

The couple praised the police officers for their help.

“We wouldn’t have got there in time otherwise,” they said.

PC Stocks said it was all in a day’s work.

“We were just happy we were able to get them to hospital in time and the baby arrived safely,” he said.