Appeal to find man who spoke to media about Jimmy Savile case

Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile

West Yorkshire Police are appealing for a man who spoke to the media yesterday in relation to the Jimmy Savile case, to get in touch.

A man using the false name Paul Leonard, spoke on BBC Radio 2 and in interview with the Daily Mirror, telling them he worked for Leeds City Police in the 1960s and came across Savile, parked in a layby with a young girl.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police are keen to speak to him about this matter.

During West Yorkshire Police’s recent Operation Newgreen investigation into Savile, the Force repeatedly appealed for anyone with information to contact us. We made extensive appeals both within the organisation and publicly through the media, for anyone with information, including serving and former officers to contact us.

West Yorkshire Police also spoke to NARPO (the National Association of Retired Police Officers).

To our knowledge, Mr Leonard was not one of those who made contact. Given that Paul Leonard used a pseudonym, a false name, in his media interviews his identity or the content of what he says is very difficult to verify. We are however keen to speak to ‘Mr. Leonard’ in order that this can be investigated thoroughly.