Baby grave repairs are now complete

Maria Pallagrass by the dug-up graves at Stoney Royd Cemetery, Siddal.
Maria Pallagrass by the dug-up graves at Stoney Royd Cemetery, Siddal.
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A BABY grave that was dug up without any warning to parents has been restored.

Earlier this month the Courier reported on distraught parents who had found the communal vault at Stoney Royd Cemetery, Siddal, looking like a building site.

Memorial plaques were left piled up at the side of the grave and red tape cordoned off the area.

Maria Pallagrass, 63, from Mixenden, said how she felt like her child Tina Marie Pate had been disturbed by the works.

However, she has now welcomed the result of the works, saying it is an improvement.

“I’m pleased with the work the council have done. It looks a lot better and it is a fitting tribute.”

Mrs Pallagrass’ daughter was just six weeks old when she died from bronchial pneumonia and was buried at Stoney Royd.

“I know it needed to be done but it’s the way they went about it that made it worse,” she said.

“All they needed to do was to let people know about the work in advance.”

Calderdale Council’s funeral service manager, Paul Stubbs, said that the work was needed because the sealing stone on the vault was beginning to collapse.

He also confirmed that the vault itself was not disturbed during the improvements.

Mrs Pallagrass said: “I got a letter of apology from the council. It was nice of them to send that and acknowledge what they had done and make sure it was treated with respect.”