Baby survives as gas explosion rips house

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A MOTHER and her 18-month-old son had a lucky escape after a gas explosion blew out the windows of their home in Mixenden, Halifax.

The force of the blast smashed the television set and the front and back ground floor windows of the house in Dodge Holme Drive yesterday afternoon.

Neighbour Lesley Nicholl said: “There was an almighty bang and then I heard another neighbour shouting.

“At first I thought it came from upstairs in my house but saw the front windows next door had blown out.

“Her little one was in the lounge in front of the gas fire at the time and she just picked him up and ran out the back door.”

Neighbour Sue Hodgson, said: “It just sounded like falling glass. It was such a loud noise.

“I didn’t know where she was and I was concerned about the baby.”

She added: “We are all just shell shocked.”

Firefighters and police attended the blast at around 2pm and evacuated some of the surrounding houses. No one is believed to have been injured.