Bedroom tax petition started

The recent protest at Bull Green
The recent protest at Bull Green

A protest group is stepping up its campaign for a no evictions policy from housing associations following the introduction of the bedroom tax.

Calderdale Protest Against The Bedroom Tax and the Save Our Services group have launched a petition calling for a “No Evictions Policy” from all local social landlords.

Recently, a protest was held at Bull Green outside the premises of the Together Housing Group which comprises of Pennine Housing.

CPATBT this week said it was disappointed it was unable to get a reassurance of no evictions from its chief executive Tom Miskell.

He had said eviction is very much a last resort but it is vital that everyone pays what they owe and staff would work to support tenants experiencing issues with rent payments.

CPATBT said it was disappointed at what the group described as a “business at all costs attitude.”

Around 1,000 families in Calderdale are affected and face cuts of at least £12 per week. CPATBT spokesman Jonathon Maguire said people on benefits and low wages can’t afford to lose cash.

“Housing Associations in the Calderdale area are shortly going to have to deal with large numbers of people falling behind in their rent payments,” he said.

There will be a lobby outside Halifax Town Hall at 5 pm on Wednesday urging councillors to support the campaign.

Labour councillors are already in favour and will ask the full council meeting to condemn the bedroom tax.

Leader Coun Tim Swift said: “It’s just a straight forward plan to cut the help given to less well off households - many of them struggling hard to get by.

“We recognise the steps that Pennine Housing and other landlords are taking to help tenants and we are also asking social housing landlords to do everything to avoid evicting tenants.”