Beware of the cyber scammers

Warning: John Watson
Warning: John Watson

A COMPUTER expert is warning residents to be on their guard against cyber scammers targeting Calderdale.

John Watson, of Wheatley, Halifax, has been visiting homes in the area to fix PC and internet problems for the last 10 years with his firm John Watson Computer Services.

He has used his 25 years of IT experience to compile a guide to the top scams computer users should be wary of.

“They are still relevant and still happening to people every day,” he said.

l A Call from the “Windows Team”

Con artists cold call people claiming to be from the Microsoft Windows Team. The call will sound as though it’s from a genuine call centre. Hang up!

l Your computer tells you that you have viruses.

Another common scam can happen when you visit a website that has been infected with “scareware”.

Clicking will simply download the bad software onto your computer. Simply shut down the computer and you should be okay.

l Hotmail passwords being stolen. Change your password on any accounts that may have been compromised and cancel any bank cards associated with them.

l Phishing scams are when you receive a scam email from someone pretending to be from your bank or any other site that requires a login and password.

Never click on an email link that takes you to an account where you have to give personal information or passwords.

*Email from friends and family with links. You may feel safe to follow the link because it is from someone you know and trust but it is likely their computer has a virus and they don’t even know the email was sent.

“The key is to be suspicious of everything - that’s the only safe way,” he said.