Black and white photographs from the 1980s of Halifax and Hebden Bridge

Woman at bus stop: Hebden Bridge 1980s
Woman at bus stop: Hebden Bridge 1980s


Lady with brush: “I tried to capture this old lady unawares, sweeping her yard. Having been caught out, I felt obliged to ask her permission.” Hebden Bridge.

Girl on wall: “I saw this girl going into the Job Centre and thought she looked interesting. I decided against capturing her as she emerged. I thought it would be unfair somehow and the result might look rather clichéd. Later in the day I was shooting by the canal, when who should come along but the very same girl. I have often wondered who that girl was on the bridge.” Hebden Bridge.

Woman at bus stop: “I couldn’t resist taking this one. It has got everything and the sun lights up a rather forlorn looking lady.” Hebden Bridge.

Car on street: “This one could be difficult to put a date on at first glance. It is however, circa 1985.” Hebden Bridge.

Shirt in ginnel: “Passing this ginnel I noticed the shirt illuminated by the sun. It contrasts well with the shadows.” Hebden Bridge.

Old lady on bridge: “I was walking back to the railway station. Last shot of the day!” Hebden Bridge.

Old Halifax: “Dean Clough Mill in the background.”

Under North Bridge: “A favourite photographer of mine called Bill Brandt took a similar shot to this in the 1930’s. I didn’t know that when I took this one.” Halifax.