Boy limps home in agony with a broken kneecap after accident

Thirteen Joshua Hall, Smith House Crescent, Brighouse  with his injuries from a road accident.
Thirteen Joshua Hall, Smith House Crescent, Brighouse with his injuries from a road accident.
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A TEENAGER hit by a car while riding his bike walked home despite being in agony with a broken collarbone and kneecap.

Police now want to trace the driver, who has not reported the incident.

At around 6.30pm on Friday, Josh Hall was riding along Smith House Lane, Brighouse, with friend Matt Hemingway.

As they made their way to play football at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe School, a silver Ford Focus, thought to be an estate, clipped Josh’s back wheel.

His horrified friend watched as he was thrown over the handlebars.

Matt said: “I was just behind. I was going pretty slowly and Josh overtook me and as we came from Smith House Lane I saw him go flying.

“He went straight over his handlebars. I thought it looked bad but he got up and he said his shoulder was sore.”

Although the driver stopped and asked for Josh’s name and number, he did not wait with the injured teen or contact police. Josh said: “I don’t remember it. I just remember him hitting me. It all happened too fast.

“I remember getting up and trying to sit on the wall but I felt my knee and knew it was wrong.”

Josh, 13, rang his older brother Reece, who ran out of the family home in Smith House Crescent to his brother’s aid.

With his brother’s help Josh walked back to their house, with Josh not realising his kneecap was broken.

His mum, Donna, rushed him to A&E where he was told he had a broken collarbone and kneecap, both on his right side.

Josh cannot have crutches and a cast had to be removed because it put too much pressure on his injured collarbone.

“He’s in a lot of pain,” said Donna.

She pleaded for the driver to contact police. “It needs sorting out and it can’t happen to someone else. Just come forward,” she said.

“What’s he going to do for Christmas? We just want it finished now so Josh can get better.” His present, a new bike, will have to stay in the wrapping paper until he is healed.

He cannot put weight on his leg and is forced to stay on the sofa with his Xbox and laptop as company.

“Biking is his thing. It keeps him occupied,” said Donna. “Josh has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and oppositional-defiance disorder, so just sitting here is making him angry. He can’t get comfortable.”

Another passer-by stopped to check on Josh, a pupil at Halifax High, and police want to speak to the driver and anyone who saw the accident.

Witnesses are asked to contact PC Pickard on 101, the new non-emergency number.