Bravery of cancer mum

Keep smiling: Gaynor, left, with husband Neil, daughter Imogen and Gaynor's mum, Dawn
Keep smiling: Gaynor, left, with husband Neil, daughter Imogen and Gaynor's mum, Dawn
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LOVING mum Gaynor Stowe is bravely raising money for charity – even though she is terminally ill.

The 43-year-old from Sowerby was told three years ago that a benign brain tumour had turned to cancer.

At the time, her daughter was only two. “I just had to ask the doctors ‘How long have I got?’” said Gaynor. Their answer: between two and four years.

Gaynor’s troubles began 11 years ago when she suffered a string of seizures.

The first came on a fairground ride at Blackpool. The second happened after she fell into icy water and the third after she swam a length at Sowerby Bridge pool. A few months later she was told by doctors it was a benign brain tumour. For the next eight years she had MRI scans every three to six months.

During that time she met husband Neil and had daughter Imogen – Gaynor’s dream come true.

Then, three years ago, after five weeks of severe headaches an MRI scan revealed she had a form of aggressive cancer.

The mass was the size of a child’s hand.

“At the time I was diagnosed I had finally had a two year-old little girl after waiting a long, long time. So I just had to ask ‘How long have I got’.”

She was told she had between two and four years to live.

In June this year she was taken back to hospital as the cancer had reappeared.

After the operation it took Gaynor, from Newlands, Sowerby, three days to come round, “But then I was fighting fit again,” said Gaynor.

“They have taken as much out as they can,” she said.

So they have taken the tumour into their family. Gaynor even named her Tina and has told daughter Imogen about it, “Imogen knows Mummy has a poorly head and she will come up sometimes and ask ‘How’s your head today Mummy,’. She’s so good about it.”

But Gaynor - a true inspiration - battles every day and keeps smiling and laughing throughout.

She has now teamed up with her mum Dawn McPartland to organise a charity night for Andrea’s gift and Forget Me Not Trust.

“I always said I’ll have to look on the bright side beause that’s the spirit. That’s how I’ve always been and it won’t change.”

The family have recruited local singer Johnny Casson to their event at Sowerby cricket club in November. They want to raise as much money as possible for their two charities.

But they need raffle prizes and are appealing for local businesses to come forward and help out.

To make a donation, enquire about tickets or offer a prize contact Gaynor on 07903 100309.