Brighouse firefighters rescue dog from icy lake in Hove Edge

Brighouse firefighters rescue Molly the dog
Brighouse firefighters rescue Molly the dog
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Firefighters rescued a dog who became stranded on an island in the middle of an icy lake this morning.

Crews were called to the lake at Crow Nest Park Golf Club in Hove Edge where three-year old terrier Molly had got stuck.

Her owner owner, David Parkinson, was out walking her and his other dog when he realised she was in trouble.

“I think Molly was chasing ducks and ran out on the ice,“ he said.

“She barked when I called her but couldn’t get back across the patches of icy water. I was relieved to see the blue lights of the fire service arrive.”

The specialist water rescue team from Brighouse used an inflatable boat sled to reach the island but as firefighters landed, Molly jumped in the water.

“We had to act swiftly, wading into the water and breaking through patches of ice to pull Molly into the boat and back to dry land,” said Station Commander Andy Crowther.

“The owner did exactly the right thing in calling for help and not attempting to rescue his dog.

“Never walk on frozen waterways, no matter how safe you believe they are. We have the equipment and skills to respond to emergencies.”