Bull Green’s buzzing over bee swarm: Colony found in bush close to town car park

Swarming: the bees in the Bull Green bush
Swarming: the bees in the Bull Green bush
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A COLONY of bees has set up in Halifax town centre.

The bees were seen swarming in bushes near Bull Green car park, near the Salvation pub.

Robin Naylor, 61, from West Vale, first spotted the bees from the Barum Top Inn.

He said: “I was in the pub when I saw this cloud of insects and I thought ‘What on earth is that?’

“I’ve always been interested in wildlife so I had to go investigate.

“It’s not the ideal place for a colony of bees close to the car park and main roads.

“If a drunken idiot stumbled into that he would get stung to bits.”

Trevor Stanley, from the Halifax and District Beekeepers’ Association, said that it was most likely the bees had broken away from another colony.

“It’s a natural phenomenon. When the colony gets too big some of the bees break away and form a new colony elsewhere,” he said.

“I don’t know any beekeepers who are very local but a swarm can travel miles.

“It’s quite late in the year to be building a hive as they are running out of time before winter.” Mr Stanley said he hadn’t seen a swarm in the area for years.

He planned to remove the bees late yesterday and add them to an existing colony.