70 jobs cut in Halifax in latest round by Lloyds Banking Group

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UNIONS have reacted with dismay at the latest job-cutting at Lloyds.

The bank has announced it is shedding 1,600 jobs - 70 in Halifax - as part of its previously announced “simplification” programme.

That involves shedding 15,000 jobs through to the end of 2014 leaving a workforce of 85,000.

But, 300 of the latest jobs to go are being moved abroad, including 40 from the Group IT department in Halifax.

Unite national officer David Fleming said: “To learn 300 jobs are being transferred to a low wage economy adds insult to injury.

“Once more these banks are attacking some of their lowest paid staff to achieve cost savings.”

Steve Tatlow, assistant general secretary of the Lloyds Trade Union, said moving jobs abroad was immoral.

“UK-based workers are being condemned for no other reason than they can be replaced by lower-paid workers on the other side of the world.”

Ged Nichols, general secretary of Accord, said: “The cumulative effect of the incessant bad news is corrosive and we may be reaching the point where Accord members will say `enough is enough`.”

The other jobs lost locally affect staff in Group Property and the Learning and Transformation Team.

But, the impact is expected to be minimal in Halifax where 6,500 are employed.

That figure has remained static since the Lloyds Banking Group started shedding 30,000 jobs three years ago following the takeover of HBOS.

And, recently the bank announced Halifax was a “centre of excellence” where retraining opportunities are available for displaced staff.

David Nicholson, group director of Halifax Community Bank, said: “Our objective is to keep work flowing into Halifax, but it might be changing work and we are committed to building and maintaining real scale in centres such as Halifax.”

The 1,600 lost jobs include nearly 400 in IT, 315 in Group Property, 500 in training and 250 in commercial business.