Bakery boss is rewarded for using his loaf

Richard Conway
Richard Conway

Morrisons Elland bakery manager Richard Conway is a winner of the supermarket’s Mastercraft competition.

The in-house competition rewards staff who are experts in eight specialist trades - Butchers, Bakers, Fishmongers, Cheesemongers, Wine Advisors, Florists, Cake Shop and Produce.

Mr Conway, who has been baking 24 years, competed against bakers across Morrisons 496 stores to be crowned a “Master of his Class.”

In a series of tasks staged at Morrisons headquarters in Bradford, Mr Conway had to produce bread for a blind taste test and make a seven-strand plait as part of a speed challenge, as well as creating novelty bread for a team of top judges to test.

Mr Conway rose to the challenge to produce a novelty bread in the shape of a snail and was awarded top marks before being presented with his trophy.

He said: “I’m so proud to have won the competition.

“Not many people realise that a lot of the bread we sell in the store is made from scratch by myself and the rest of the bakery team so it’s great to achieve some recognition for this.

“The judges seemed to love what I create and I hope the people of Elland do too.”

Mr Conway will now be entered into the “People’s Champion” category where the public can vote for their favourite specialist. He is up against winners from the other categories. Readers can vote for Richard at: