Calderdale jobless toll rises again

THE number of people in Calderdale who are out of work and claiming benefits went up again last month by 280 to 6,838.

That includes 4,713 men and 2,125 women - 5.3 per cent of the workforce, compared to 4 per cent nationally.

The figures have prompted Halifax Labour MP Linda Riordan to make a plea for the Government to “urgently invest in jobs, public services and businesses.”

“Nearly one in 10 economically active people in Halifax are now out of work - shocking figures, which are a devastating indictment of what this Government’s policies are doing to Northern towns and cities,” she said.

There are 664 vacancies at Calderdale Job Centres - one job for every 10.3 claimants, compared to 8.5 last month.

*UK unemployment rose by 48,000 to 2.67 million in the three months to December, official figures have shown, the smallest rise in almost a year.