Diamond pair celebrate 60 years of joy

Diamond wedding couple Robert and Joan Stoker.
Diamond wedding couple Robert and Joan Stoker.

A diamond couple who met as teenagers are preparing for a week of celebrations to mark 60 happy years together.

Robert and Joan Stoker, of Illingworth Drive, Illingworth, Halifax, got married on September 27, 1952, after sharing the same friends as 14-year-olds at the Ovenden school youth club.

The couple finally became an ‘item’ aged 17 but had to wait until Robert returned from his national service before they could tie the knot at St George’s Church, Ovenden.

Joan, 83, said: “It was a great day. We had 120 guests there - and most of them were family.”

Their diamond celebrations will see close relatives, including their two children, six grandchildren and great grandchild, making their way to Mundesley House, Norfolk, for the weekend.

Robert, 82, said: “It’s been a tough year so we’re hoping our celebrations can really pick the family up.”

Robert, a former teacher and Joan, a former dinnerlady, said there was no secret to their longevity.

“It just takes a lot of love and tolerance,” said Joan.