Exciting year for telesales firm

Tom and Will Shaw (right) with staff at LIS Claims, Dean Clough
Tom and Will Shaw (right) with staff at LIS Claims, Dean Clough
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A telesales company is set for rapid growth in 2014 on the back of a major contract and new lines of business.

LIS Claims is an outsourced marketing company for legal services and has new offices at Dean Clough, Halifax.

New recruits take the workforce to 12 with another 12 starting next month and the workforce should double gain by the year-end.

The business chases up people who have made inquiries regarding compensation claims and through a vetting process determines if they are legitimate and legally sound.

If they are, the claims are forwarded on for action.

LIS has secured a major contract with a law firm which is funding the growth and the company says it has found a niche operating solution within the rules and regulations of legal services which sets it apart from competitors.

Halifax brothers Tom and Will Shaw head the operation which Tom, a trained lawyer, set up in their parents’ bedroom at Bradshaw, Halifax, back in 2009.

He was soon joined by Will and they later worked from Elland. Their father Neill, who runs his own business advised them along the way.

The focus is now on serving the main contract and developing new lines of opportunity and staff skills.

Tom concentrates on the contracts while Will runs the day-to-day operations.

Tom said they chose to stay in Calderdale to build their business and create local jobs and would-be recruits can send their CV to him at tshaw@cmcsolution.co.uk