Halifax Agricultural Show: Updated - results in full

Halifax Agricultural Show, Savile Park. Freddie Shorrock shows his beltex sheep. Click on the multimedia link on the right to see a picture gallery from this year's show
Halifax Agricultural Show, Savile Park. Freddie Shorrock shows his beltex sheep. Click on the multimedia link on the right to see a picture gallery from this year's show

THE countryside came to town at the weekend as Halifax Agricultural Show returned to Savile Park.

Thousands of visitors filed through the gates for the 65th annual show and hundreds of prize- winners took home rosettes in classes for animals, horticulture and handicrafts.

Malcolm Green, chairman of Halifax Agricultural Society, which organises the show, said he was pleased at the event’s success and attendance had exceeded last year’s.

“It was a slow start because of the weather but then it really built up,” he said. “Everybody seemed very happy and I’d say it was an improvement on last year.”

Vast marquees were filled with all creatures great and small, from cattle to cavies – and the bee tent in particular was a hive of activity this year. Bee secretary Trevor Stanley was busy showing awestruck children and their parents the queens, workers and drones in observation colonies.

He said: “Everybody is absolutely fascinated by bees and it’s the nearest they can get to them. They can touch them, practically, and get up close to them safely.”

Elsewhere, tables in the horticulture tent were groaning with garden produce.

Section secretary Colin Partington said it had seen a surge in interest this year.

He said: “The children’s section is well up on entries and there are a lot more new entrants now. A lot more younger people are coming in interested in having a go next year as well.”

In the main ring, spectators were treated to displays ranging from falconry to heavy horses, vintage tractors and a demonstration by Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team.

There was also a treasure trove of trade and food stalls and tons of fun for kids, including zorbing, a climbing wall and fairground rides.

The Mayor of Calderdale, Nader Fekri, said: “It has been absolutely superb and it’s a wonderful testament to all the hard work the committee has put in.

“It’s good to maintain that link with the country and have it come to town. I’m really proud Halifax still has one of the biggest agricultural shows in the region.”

Mr Green thanked everyone who sponsored and supported this year’s event, in particular a West Yorkshire Probation community payback team who helped to set up and dismantle the showground.

He said: “They have all worked really well and really got stuck in.”


Fun dogs

Handsomest dog: 1, R Stephenson; 2, M Jagger; 3, K Taylor. Cutest puppy under 12 months old: 1, S Morley; 2, R Greenwood; 3, A Veitch. Dog or bitch in best condition: 1, M Hamilton; 2, M Hirst; 3, Angela. Best child handler: 1, M Wallace; 2, Ellie, 3, Evie. Dog judge would like to take home: 1, H Broadbent; 2, J Peer; 3, S Wadcock. Prettiest bitch: 1, M Hirst; 2, M Hamilton; 3, S West. Friendliest dog who doesn’t jump up: 1, Z and L Mandander; 2, J Peer; 3, A Whitworth. Best in show: 1, R Stephenson; 2, M Jagger; 3, H Broadbent


Dutch blue adult: 1, J Read. Dutch blue young: 1, J Waddington; 2, J Read. Dutch steel adult: 1, J Read. Dutch chocolate young: 1, J Read. Dutch yellow adult: 1, J Read. Netherland dwarf REW adult: 1, P Clark. Netherland dwarf agouti adult: 1, J Glasper; 2, J Glasper. Netherland dwarf any other colour adult: 1, J Glasper; 2, S Hathaway; 3, P Clark. Polish REW adult: 1, N Harris. Polish REW young: 1, B Roberts; 2, B Roberts. Polish smoke pearl young: 1, N Harris. Himalayan adult: 1, Tanglo stud; 2, Tanglo stud; 3, Tanglo stud. Himalayan young: 1, Tanglo stud; 2, Tanglo stud; 3, Tanglo stud. English black adult: 1, J Read. Tan young: B Roberts; Belgian hare young: 1, M Hoyle; 2, M Hoyle; Magpie adult: 1, Howmonrey stud. Thrianta Adult: 1, J Waddington. Mini lop black young: 1, J Waddington. German lop chin adult: 1, N White. Fox any other colour adult: 1, Watsonian Stud. Fox any other colour young: 1, Watsonian stud; 2, Watsonian stud. Satin adult: 1, Brian Roberts; 2, Watsonian stud. Argente noir adult: 1, S Hathaway. Argente noir young: 1, D Waddington; 2, Watsonian stud. Argente creme adult: 1, Halloween stud. Argente creme young: 1, Halloween stud; 2, Halloween stud. Argente any other colour young: 1, Halloween stud. Havana young: 1, N White; 2, Nicky White. Thuringer young: 1, N White; Ermine rex adult: 1, A Rivett; 2, A Rivett. Ermine rex young: 1, D Illett; 2, D Illet; 3, D Illet. Black rex adult: 1, A Jacklin; 2, A Jacklin; 3, S Hathaway. Black rex young: 1, A Jacklin; Mini rex self any colour adult: 1, D Thacker. Mini rex any other colour n/self adult: 1, S Hathaway; 2, S Hathaway. Pet owned by a boy under 10: 1, G Chaplin. Pet owned by a boy aged 10-16: 1, J Bolton. Pet owned by a girl under 10: 1, H Caplin. Pet owned by a girl aged 10-16: 1, P Ilett; 2, A Ilett; 3, C Holton. Best fancy: 1, B Roberts; 2, M Hoyle; 3, B Roberts. Best junior fancy: 1, J Waddington; 2, J Waddington. Best lop: 1, N White; 2, J Waddington. Best junior lop: 1, J Waddington. Best fur: 1, D Waddington; 2, B Roberts; 3, Halloween stud. Best rex: 1, A Jacklin; 2, A Rivett; 3, S Hathaway. Best junior rex: 1, D Thacker. Best in show: 1, B Roberts; 2, A Jacklin; 3, Darren Waddington. Best junior overall: 1, J Waddington; 2, J Waddington; 3, D Thacker. Best Pet: 1, P Ilett; 2, H Chaplin; 3, G Chaplin.


Showjumping champion: 1, H Mcdade, William

British novice: 1, C Sugden, Zypria; 2, A Hemsley, Supermac; 3, P Mellor, Cruiseon By

Discovery: 1, G Ward, Beaubray; 2, G Ward, Feicgling; 3, A Horsefield, Mistque

1.00 Metre Open: 1, P Mellor, Fello Curtis; 2, M Bell, T.B.Nora; 3, E Connell, Mr Argentin

Newcomers: 1, L Wilson, A T O; 2, T Bell, T.B.Nora

1.15: 1, R Wright, Golden Girl; 2, L Lambert, Pickoma

Mare/geld 4yrs: 1, L Wolfenden, Addela Marie

1, 2, 3yrs colt filly geld: 1, S Adams, My Mays Mirror Image; 2, T Bell, T.B.Nora

Mare or gelding 4 yrs: 1, D Whittington, Rosemill Bosear; 2, C Thompson, Felicity Flowering Felisha; 3, R Mellor, Monty’s Miss Molly

1, 2, 3 yr old colt, filly, gelding: 1, B Sutcliffe, High Fox Faith; 2, A Auciand, Dilston Tallis; 3, A Greeves, Butter Store

Stallion: 1, D Verity, Claylands Prince; 2, A Greeves, A Bordynant Genael

Heavy Horses

Yearling, colt, filly, gelding: 1, R Bedford, Helmskingdon Gabrielle

2 yr old filly , gelding: 1, R Bedford, Levensthorpe Day Break

Barren mare/gelding 3 yrs: 1, B & D Lowrie, Upperfast Sir Selwyn; 2, Y Goward, Jacob; 3, Y Goward, Monty

Broodmare With Foal At Foot: 1, N Cross, West Held Luck Charm

Foal: 1, R Bedford, Bonjovi; 2, N Cross, Colssingins High Definition

Pairs: 1, Y Goward, Monty & Jacob

Best Decorated: 1, Y Goward, Monty

Turn Out: 1, Y Goward, Monty

Private Driving: 1, J Dobson, St. Helens Monark

Exercise Vehicle: 1, Mrs Evans, Pinfold Cotton Eye Joe; 2, W M Easter, Tyrocoedbagah Ceri; 3, R Mellor, Hettondale Tommy

Light Trades Mans

1, M N Clough, Abe Van De Strubbenhuf; 2, P Hetherington, Tireve Dream Lady; 3, J Lawless, Elsa

Concours d’elegance: 1, J Dobson, St. Helens Monark; 2, Mrs Evans, Pinfold Cotton Eye Joe


Best Condition & Turnout: 1, J Havanll, Barley High Taveenan; 2, C&b Tetlow, Bevnan Grace; 3, Paula Swarbrick, Blue Bell.

Stallion Or Gelding: 1, P Man, Harvey Moon; 2, H Naden, Glen Dean Taboo; 3, O Brown, Tormentil Of Brown Road

Mare/gelding: 1, J Morris, Wynchbrook Petronella; 2, P Swarbrick, Blue Bell; 3, C/b Tetlow, Beunan Grace

Colt/Filly Geld: 1, J Howarth, Barley Night Tovenar; 2, O Brown, Eddisham Lady Jayne; 3, J Morris, Gamlingay Sweet Ebony

Colt Filly Geld: 1, P Moon, Harvey Moon; 2, J Morris, Wychbrook Petronella

Veteran: 1, G Davey, Benedict Of Wychbrook; 2, O Brown, Bertie Of Brown Road.

Ridden: 1, O Brown, Bertie Of Brown Road; 2, I Philips, Toad Flax Of Brown Road

Pairs: 1, D Street, Guidersern/hound; 2, JHowarth, Milly/toby

Young Handler: 1, J Howarth, Barley High Tovenan; 2, G Davey, Benedict Of Wychbrook; 3, I Phillips, Toadfax Of Brown Road

Exercise Vehicle: 1,d Street, Guildenstern Hound; 2, C/d Tetlow, Prospect House Prospero; 3, H Naden, Glendine Taboo

Best Whip: 1, B/c Tetlow, Prospect House Prospero; D Street, Guildenstern Hound; 3, O Brown, Toad Fax Of Brown Road

Chaps, Non Native Ridden: 1, M Bradley. Waithside Amazing Grace

Native/cob/ridden: 1, L Andrews, George

Non Native In Hand: 1, J Gansler, Pinball Wizard; 2, S Askew, Stanhopes Sol; 3, J Young, Wainstones Mino Games

Native/cob/trad In Hand: 1, L Stewart, Copley Springs Lucky Charm; 2, G Shaw, Rosco; 3, N Thomas, Splash Of Honey

Young Stock:

1, G Shaw, Gladsteal Malbec; 2, J Ganster, Pinball Wizard; 3. J Broadbent, J R. Hunters

Open Local: 1, H Austin, Nagano; 2, R Craddock, Unecio Gin Flairs; 3, L Eyre, Houlfre Minstral Vii

Open: 1, R Smith, Unescio Gin Flairs; 2, S Crowther, Roma; 3, N Mellor, The Busker Ii

Sports Horse: 1, S Crowther, Roma; 2, C Whitfield, Major Trouble; 3; D Brook, Dychesswhite Rose

Show Cob: 1, L Duffy, Mr Spats

Veteran, Pre-vet 15/19yrs: 1, A Thernley Djarn Danielle; 2, V Greetham, The Thatcher; 3, S Greetham, Little Moss Easter Parade

Veteran20/24yrs: 1, S.dinsdale, Eastwood Princess; 2, J Midgeley, Isabelles Import

Vet Plus25ys Plus: 1, A Briggs, Cnapton Tiny Tim

Pre Vet Ridden

1, G Mortimer, Tynlawn; 2, V Greetham, The Thatcher; 3, A Hyde, Rodern Sings The Blues

Veteran 20/25yrs

1, R Wolfdenden, Whitwoor; 2. N Saville, Mini Mainstreet

Vet Plus25yrs Plus

1, H Spencer, Cnapton Tiny Tim

Welsh Sec A Mare/geld: 1, A Pygott, Barracks Indian Queen; 2, A Brough, Tanlan Diamond; 3, Costello Family, Forlan Juliana

Foal: 1, C Thomson, Knowsley Mini Charm

Yearling: filly/gelding: 1, J Falkingham, Nerwyn Llid; 2, A Gladwin, Glynwyn Fresh As A Daisy

2/3yr Filly Gelding: 1, Costello Family, Coffee Pot Aryzony; 2, J Falkingham, Nandywyll Foiled; 3, Hutchinson, Jenkira Lord Of The Rings

Stallion: 1. G Simmons, Little Worn Lad; 2, C J Wood, Mosswood Bowman

Section B mare/geld: 1, G R Hensby, Laithill Harmony; 2. J Baigent, Mompesson Late Night Romance; 3, S E Scott, Monslaw Sidan

Foal: 1, Gr Hensby, Laithill Harmony; 2, J Baigent, Mompesson Late Night Fantasy; 3, I Eastwood, Hazelmoor

Yearling Colt

1, K Howarth, Thistledown Black Night

Yealing filly/geding: 1, P Doughty, Rhoson Shani; 2,g R Hensby, Laithill Love In A Mist

2/3yr Old: 1, R Doughty, Rhoson Doli; 2, G Eastwood, Eyarth Sydney; 3, B J Rathmell, Paddock Tara

2/3yr Old Colt

1, P Doughty Rhoson Mandolin; 2, D Harrison, 3, J Williamson, Skellorn Sanhage

Ridden M/m Lead Rein: 1, M Helstrip, Wernllwife Annie; 2. J Middleton, Chessmere Aristocrat; 3, G Wainwright, Bramble Ramble Rose

First Ridden

1, J Middleton, Chessmere Aristocrat; 2, J Baxendale, Bluehaven Fiddle Diddle

M M Large Ridden Open: 1, K Jowett, Aimbry Dunoon, 2, D Sutcliffe, Fronarth Mogan; 3, J Lancashire, Brynllanydd Midnight Express

M M Junior Small Breeds: 1, J Middleton, Chessmere Aristocrat

M M Junior Large Breeds

1, G Mortimor, Twyllown; 2, B Wadsworth, Murthwaite Look At Me

Condition Open 13.2: 1, L Rothera, Coedywern Kennisham; 2. L Beaumont, Rocky View Remus; 3, H Jeffery, Brandston Benedict

Exceeding 13.2: 1, L Stewart, Copley Springs Lucky Charm; 2, L Wolfenden, Addein Marie; 3, E Kelsall, Bedwyn O R Bore

Young Handler: 1. J Baxendale, Bluehaven Fiddle Dedee; 2, M Aeslip, Annie; 3, G Wainwright, Bramble Rose

C/t Rider 16ys or less: 1, J Baxendale, Bluehaven Fiddle Dedee; 2, Mfieche, Daniel Jessie

C/trider Over 16yrs: 1, S Ramsden, Skeene Skye; 2nd, J Young, Wainstone Mind Games; 3, C Hellawell, Spirit Of The Skie

Riding Club Horse: 1, K Burns, Irish Attire; 2, S Ramsden, Skeene Skye; 3, R Wolfenden, Whitmoor

Riding Club Pony: 1, A Rimmer, Izzy Whizzy; 2, M Arthur, Dancer; 3, M Fietche, Daniels Jessie

Equitation Junior: 1, J Hirst, Ridings Morris Men; 2, J Baxendale, Bluehavenfiddle Dedee; 3, L Wynfields, Custard Cream


Toggenburg Miller: 1, Poundroll Ash, P Rollins. Poundford; 2, Poundroll Corrianda, P Rollins, Poundford

Saanen Milker: 1, Philday Follyeva, S R Parkin; 2, Philday Foxiqwif, S R Parkin.

British Toggenburg Milker: 1, Charnocks Bronelka, Jane Miller; 2, Charnocks Bronzena, Jane Miller; 3, Philday Statusthre, S RParkin

British Saanen Milker: 1, Wadehouse Lilly, C J Luty; 2, cean Julie, M Boocock; 3, Philday Dressage, S R Parkin; 4, Philday Lidierlil, S R Parkin; 5, Wadehouse Jasmine, C J Luty

Anglo Nubian Milker: 1, Stefash Ellie, Miss S L Meakin; 2, Kinmea Sky, Mrs Vardy; 3, Stefash Katie, Miss S L Meakin; 4, Stefash Minnie, Miss S L Meakin; 5, Kaprikel Kelsee, Mrs Clough; 6, Kaprikel Klassylass

British Alpine Maker: 1, Hunningley Zagiri, Mr Hagain

Any other variety milker: 1, Michsica Capricole, Miss J Hagain; 2, Charnocks Bronolwin, Jane Miller; 3, Micean Alice, Mr Boocock

Toggenburg and British Toggenburg Goatling: 1, Poundroll Amy, P Rollins and S Pounford; 2, Philday Shimmer, S R Parking; 3, Charnocks Bronziva, Jane Miller; 4, Philday Sky, S R Parkin; 5, Mystical Moonhoney, Miss Phillips; 6, Charnocks Bronroza, Jane Miller.

Saanen and British Saanen Goatling: 1, Philday Faberglas, S R Parkin; 2, Michsica Talulah, J M Hagain; 3, Philday Dolce, S R Parkin; 4, Michsica Bethany, J M Hagain

Anglo Nubian Goatling: 1, Kinmea Saffron, Mrs V Hardy; 2, Kinmea Smartie, Mrs V Hardy

British Alpine Goatling: 1, Dalbury Clover, Mr I Johnson

Any Other Variety Goatling: 1, Kindur Marcie, Mr I Johnson; 2, Philday Lidiersara, Mr S Parkin; 3, Maxon Shamuti, M Hagain; 4, Maxson Sheila, Mrs Hagain

Toggenburg and British Toggenburg Kids: 1, Poundroll Conker, P Rollins and S Poundford; 2, Mystical Moonjoy, Miss E Phillips.

Saanen and British Saanen Kids: 1, Wadehouse Nicola, Mrs Luty; 2, Wadehouse Nancie, Mrs Luty; 3, Dalbury Dingle, Mr I Johnson; 3, Dalbury Dingle, Mr I Johnson; 4, Wadehouse Natasha, Mrs Luty

Anglo Nubian Kids: 1, Stefash Zowie, Miss Meakin; 2, Stefash Ziggy, Miss S L Meakin; 3, Tenacres Kiki, Mrs G Clough; 4, Kinmea Polly, Mrs V Hardy; 5, Tenacres Florence, Mrs G Clough; 6, Tenacres Zsazsa, Mrs G Clough; 7, Kinmea Pheobe, Mrs V Hardy

British Alpine Kids: 1, Dalbury Dew, Mr I Johnson; 2, Hunningley Giggles, Mr C Hagain

Milking Competition Toggenburg Goats: Poundroll Ash, P Rollins and S Poundford; Poundroll Corrianda, P Rollins and S Poundford

Miling competition Saanen Goats: Philday Foxiqwaf, Mr SR Parkin; Philday Follyeva, Mr SR Parkin

Milking Competition British Toggenburg Goats: Mystical Moonkandy, Miss E Phillips; Charnocks Bronzena, Mrs Jane Miller; Charnocks Bronelka, Mrs Jane Miller; Philday Swift, Ms SR Parkin; Philday Statusthre, Mr SR Parkin

Milking Competition British Saanen Goats: Wadehouse Jasmine, Mrs CJ Luty; Philday Dressage, Mr SR Parkin; Philday Lidierlil, Mr SR Parkin; Wadehouse Lilly, Mrs CJ Luty; Micean Julie, Mr M Boocock

Milking Competition Anglo Nubian Goats: Stefash Katie, Miss SL Meakin; Kinmea Sky, Mrs V Hardy; Kinmea Suki, Mrs V Hardy; Kaprikely Klassylass, Mrs G Clough; Stefash Ellie, Mrs V Hardy; Kaprikel Kelsee, Mrs G Clough; Stefash Minnie, Miss SL Meakin

Milking Competition British Alpine Goat: Hunningley Zagiri, Mr C Hagain; Hunningley Classical, Mr C Hagain; Hunningley Eve; Mr C Hagain

Milking Competition Any Other Variety Goat: Michsica Capricole, Miss JM Hagain; Charnocks Bronsybil, Mrs Jane Miller’ Micean Alice, Mr M Boocock; Charnocks Bronolwin, Mrs Jane Miller


Rossette Best in show: Charnocks Bronelka

Reserve Best in show: Wadehouse Lilly

CC for best goat born as a kid: Charnocks Bronelka

Res CC for best goat born as a kid: Wadehouse Lilly

Breed challenge certificates

Anglo Nubian: Stefash Ellie

Saanen: Philday Follyeva

Toggenburg: Poundroll Ash

British Alpine: Hunningley Zagiri

British Saanen: Wadehouse Lilly

British Toggenburg: Charnocks Bronelka

Any other variety: Michsica Capricole

Best milker: Charnocks Bronelka

Best goatling: Kindur Marcie

Best kid: Wadehouse Nicola



White Hen Eggs: 1, Jade & Holly Beard; 2, Mandy Bush; 3, Stephen Short

Brown Hen Eggs: 1, Jean Wilson; 2, Jean Wilson; 3, Sue Roberts

Tinted Hen Eggs: 1, Mandy Bush; 2, Jean Wilson; 3, Mrs. P. Dollins

White Bantam Eggs; 1, Jade & Holly Beard; 2, Mrs. P. Dollins; 3, Mrs. P. Dollins

Brown Bantam Eggs: 1, Jade & Holly Beard; 2, Mrs. P. Dollins; 3, Jade & Holly Beard

Tinted Bantam Eggs: 1, Jade & Holly Beard; 2, Jade & Holly Beard; 3, Mrs. P. Dollins

Supreme Hen Egg: 1, Mrs. Jean Wilson; 2, Sue Roberts; 3, R. E. Robinson

Supreme Bantam Egg: 1, Jade & Holly Beard; 2, J Nicholson; 3, Mrs. P. Dollins

Hen Egg for content: 1, Scott Oakes; 2, Mrs. P. Dollins; 3, Sue Roberts

Bantam Egg for content; 1, Scott Oakes; 2, Mrs. P. Dollins; 3, Scott Oakes

Duck Eggs Trophy; 1, Scott Oakes; 2, Mrs. Jean Wilson; 3, Scott Oakes

Eggs Unclassified: 1, R. E. Robinson; 2, Jade & Holly Beard; 3, Jade & Holly Beard


Red Sweet: 1, John Swallow; 2, John Swallow; 3, Mr. K. Oats

Red Dry: 1, John Swallow; 2, John Swallow; 3, John Swallow

White Sweet: 1, John Swallow; 2, John Swallow; 3, John Swallow

White Dry: 1, John Swallow; 2, John Swallow; 3, John Swallow


Chutney: 1, Louise Rowntree; 2, Norma Riley; 3, Louise Rowntree

Any Variety Jam: 1, M. Felton; 2, Louise Rowntree; 3. Margaret Swallow

Any Variety Jelly: 1, Mrs J Higgs; 2, M. Felton; 3. Deborah Hughes

Marmalade; 1. M. Felton; 2. John Swallow; 3. M. Felton

Lemon Curd: 1. Sophie Walker; 2, H. Felton; 3, Norma Riley


Butterfly Buns: 1, Richard X; 2, Christine Denham; 3. Christine Denham

Rich Fruit Cake - Square or Round: 1, Mrs. Y. C. Preston; 2, Mrs J Higgs; 3, Victoria Lee

Victoria Sandwich: 1, Christine Denham; 2, N. Cowdery Mrs. Y. C. Preston

5 Scones: 1, M Felton; 2, Christine Denham; 3, Christine Denham

1 Round of Shortcake; 1, Mrs. Shelia Smith; 2, Mrs. C. Frost; 3, M. Felton

Fruit Pie: 1, Richard X; 2, M. Felton; 3, M. Carter

Tea Loaf to butter: 1, Louise Rowntree; 2, M Felton; 3, Elizabeth O’Connell

5 Pieces Tray Bake: 1, Mrs. Y. C. Preston; 2, Alice Gilchrist; 3, M Felton

Loaf Bread (Brown or White); 1, Peter Dixon; 3, M Felton; 3, Deborah Hughes

5 Tarts Any Variety; 1, Norma Riley; 2, A. Howcroft; 3, Mrs. Shelia Smith

Savoury Item or Cold Sweet; 1, Victoria Lee; 2, M. Felton; 3, Mrs. D Robinson

5 Chocolate Chip Cookies; 1, Mrs J. Higgs; 2, Mrs. C Frost; 3, M. Felton

Chocolate Cake; 1, M. Felton; 2, Miss Christine Whitaker; 3, Mrs. E. Fry


3 Butterfly Buns; 1, Thea Farman; 2, Lawra Dixon; 3, Luke O’Connell

3 Chocolate Rice Crispie Clusters; 1, Philip Short; 2, Rebecca Pearson; 3, Tilly Farman;

Greeting card – state age; 1, Luke O’Connell; 2, Lawra Dixon; 3, Jade Beard;

Photograph any subject; 1, Jade Beard; 2, Ben Beard; 3, Lawra Dixon;

Any Handicraft - Junior Under 16; 1, Jade Beard; 2, Stephen Short; 3, Lawra Dixon;

Decorated Egg: 1, Ben Beard; 2, Mrs. Y. C. Preston; 3, Hanna E. Q. Marshal

Any item of knitting; 1, Mrs. J. Higgs; 2, Mrs. Dorothy Laycock; 3, Mrs. Dorothy Laycock

Any item cross stitch; 1, Mrs. W. Tooby; 2, Mrs. W. Tooby; 3, Mrs. D Robinson

Greeting Card; 1, Jade Beard; 2, Mrs. D. Robinson; 3, Holly Beard

Quilting/Patchwork; 1, Alyson Martin; 2, Jane Scargill

Any item unclassified; 1, Mrs. M. H. Wadsworth; 2, Jane Scargill; 3, Jane Scargill

Any item by a gentleman; 1, Michael Webster; 2, Michael Webster3; John Turner

Picture; 1, Miss Sue Blackwell; 2, Miss Sue Blackwell; 3, Sharon Scholey

Photograph Bird or Animal; 1, Mrs. Dorothy Laycock; 2. Mrs. Dorothy Laycock; 3, Mrs. Dorothy Laycock

Photograph any subject; 1, Holly Beard; 2, Jean Parsons; 3, Mrs. Dorothy Laycock

Beadwork or Jewellery; 1, Fiona Dixon; 2, Mrs. S. Lawrence; 3, Mrs. W. Tooby

Poem. (Puppy); 1, Caitlin H. Moran 9 yrs; 2, Megan Holmes 9 yrs; 3, Jennifer Leach 8 yrs

Poem. (Puppy); 1, Simrah Khan 9 yrs; 2, Sabah Mir 7 yrs; 3, Alina Qureshi 7yrs

Masks: 1, Aribah Hussain 7 yrs; 2, Amy Wyatt 8 yrs; 3, Aneeka Hussain

Masks: 1, Abigail Pratt-Byrne 9 yrs; 2, Caitlin Skillbeck 9 yrs; 3, Sophie Hall 7 yrs

Poems - Landscape Painting: 1, Ailis Akerman 12 yrs; 2, Ella Butterworth 10 yrs; 3, Rebecca Leach 11 yrs

Masks: 1. Rebecca Leach 11 yrs; 2, Ailis Ackerman 12 yrs; 3, Mellisa Rod 11 yrs