Limehouse supporting “Sick of Being Skint” project

Pennine Housing Sick Of Being Skint (SOBS)  team
Pennine Housing Sick Of Being Skint (SOBS) team

Halifax based communications agency Limehouse is supporting the Pennine Housing 2000 “Sick of Being Skint” project.

SOBS was awarded £600,000 from the Big Lottery Fund and involves four project workers helping people under 24 to improve their financial confidence and budgeting skills.

The aim is to reduce the number of young people who lose their homes and make them more financially streetwise.

Over the next four years Limehouse will contribute expertise in communications and by providing training and mentoring support.

Limehouse have worked with the team to develop a distinctive SOBS brand and are providing marketing and advice on how to integrate campaigns and key messages across the SOBS programme.

The agency will also set up a SOBS internet broadcast channel, proposing and directing content and providing social media training.

That will enable tenants to share information and advice with their peers on a range of money matters and put young tenants in touch with specialist money advisors.

Janette Pearce, of Pennine Housing, said: “Any help we can give to help people manage their money more effectively has got to be a good thing. Limehouse is a great asset on this project, providing expertise and support.”