Nestle’s £7m investment now complete

Linda Riordan with Nestle staff at the bridge opening
Linda Riordan with Nestle staff at the bridge opening

Nestle Halifax has completed a three-year £7 million investment to transfer After Eight production.

Additional investments of £3.5 million to make Aero and Rolo Biscuit have added manufacturing capability to the site.

More than 100 full-time jobs have been created and the site has become Nestle’s centre for seasonal confectionery and also produces Easter eggs, Walnut Whip, Quality Street and the Quality Street Green Bar launched this year.

Halifax MP Linda Riordan toured the factory at Albion Mills to see the changes which also includes significant improvements in sustainability with new integrated heating/cooling systems to replace coal fired boilers which has resulted in energy usage being halved.

Mrs Riordan also opened a new footbridge which goes over the Bailey Hall Road.

The bridge was a further £200k investment from Nestle providing a safer passage for employees accessing the factory from car parking on the south side of the site.

Mrs Riordan said: “I was delighted to see at first hand the impact of investment and job creation.

“Halifax has suffered many job losses in the last three years, so it was refreshing to see a positive story of investment and job creation.”

Nestle recently announced it will achieve zero waste to landfill in its UK operations by 2015.

That means no waste will go to landfill or be incinerated without energy being recovered from the process.