Northgate House debate - FOR: Demolish it... and put in Primark

Yes, please: Amy Hartley, 29, and Alissa Procter, 24, support the Primark bid
Yes, please: Amy Hartley, 29, and Alissa Procter, 24, support the Primark bid

It still could be worse wrote: “This is a great idea. Northgate House problem solved. Brand new library. More jobs for the town centre. I do use the library a lot and think its an awful building, and would love a new one similar to that at Kings Cross.

Costelloe wrote: “It looks like the library will be getting a facelift, and who knows, maybe even better facilities which is a great thing especially if it’s only a few hundred yards.”

Ulster wrote: “Each additional shop (especially a popular one - even if it is not to your taste) improves the overall range of shops, which draws more people into the town centre, which increases sales across all the retailers, which results in more jobs in Halifax and more income coming in.”

AB wrote: “We need a store like Primark to bring people in to the town centre and get them to spend more whilst they’re there. Primark may not be your ideal store but what this could achieve for the town, if backed and supported correctly, would be massive.

“It’s through a lack of vision, lack of support and through our small town mentality that we have a run-down town full of pound shops. Get behind this and give the town a future!”

Parsley wrote: “Let’s get started ASAP on knocking down the decrepit buildings of Northgate House and the library, these developments will bring much-needed employment to Calderdale.”

Not one to gossip wrote: “This could be a great move for the town, let’s move forward whilst developers are interested. Let’s face it Northgate House is an ugly 70s monstrosity. The sooner it’s gone, the better.”

HuddersFax Resident wrote: “Places like Primark are a godsend to those on limited budgets. Halifax needs as much investment as it can get to boost the town again but without the loss of services or important buildings.”

FaxLad wrote: “Young people use Primark and we need to have shops for all ages to keep the town centre vibrant.”

Get A Life People wrote: “Let the people who want this to happen have a new shop and enjoy the shopping they want to do.”

Yvonne Mallinson wrote: “It’s affordable fashion and for fussy kids of today whose parents work hard to provide, it’s a great store to get good value. Some things don’t last but some things are fantastic value.

Shoppers Amy Hartley and Alissa Procter, pictured, both backed plans for a Primark too.

“There needs to be a few more clothes shops in general,” said Amy.