Orchard Energy helping cut the cost of insect breeding

Nohman Ali
Nohman Ali
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The Elland company has signed a deal to help locust and mealworm breeder Livefoods Direct tackle the rising cost of heating its insect breeding houses.

Livefoods Direct is the UK’s only commercial breeder of live mealworm and is hoping to reduce running costs at its four heated breeding centres in Yorkshire which supply live insect feed to the exotic reptile trade.

The company produce 1.2 million crickets, 150,000 locusts and between 1.5 and 3.5 tonnes of mealworm dependent on the season. The housing of exotic species means energy accounts for 20 per cent of running costs.

Rooms are maintained at anything from 20 to 37 degrees centigrade with frozen rodents for birds of prey and snakes being stored at minus 20.

Orchard Energy will work with management to identify the best prices in the market and implement a strategy for proactive energy purchasing that will protect the firm’s budgets from market instability.

Nohman Ali, of Orchard Energy, said the objective would be to keep overheads low so the firm could plan future investment and growth.

“As well as reducing costs, we will be managing administration and supplier relationships so the senior team has more time to focus on what it does best - breeding insects and developing the business.”