Power to the people returns: Sign up for cheaper energy by Monday

Coun David Hardy ready to switch to cheaper energy.
Coun David Hardy ready to switch to cheaper energy.

Homeowners are being urged to save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills as part of a council scheme.

The deadline to register for the second collective energy switch is Monday April 8. The first bout of switching obtained a cheaper energy deal for 75 per cent of people who signed up - with an average saving of £122 per property.

The scheme is run jointly by Calderdale Council and local authorities in Greater Manchester with more than 17,600 people already registered.

Daniella Condon of Ripponden was delighted with her offer from the last energy switch. She said: “I registered for the collective energy switch to give it a go and couldn’t believe it when my offer said I could save £480 a year on my bills.”

Sign up onlineat www.calderdale.gov.uk/housing. or call 0800 009 3363.