Sam returns home to set up Creative Noir

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She has worked in Paris and London but Sam Morton decided there was no place like home for her new business.

Sowerby is the base for Creative Noir which specialises in photographic art direction, brand identity, mail order catalogue design, brochures and topography.

In her 20 year career Ms Morton has art directed more than 50 photographic shoots on four continents and designed catalogues and brochures in several languages.

“I have worked in some of the world’s leading fashion centres for many years,” she said.

“But, I belive this area is both ideally placed, and has the inspiration for Creative Noir to challenge designers in the traditional fashion capitals.”

In the last few weeks Ms Morton has had photographic shoots in London, Liverpool and Salisbury, designed catalogues for a major Lancashire group, brochures for expanding organisations in Sheffield and Hull and re-branded a creative business in Leeds.

She previously lived in Halifax for many years and worked for BG Design Studios, Empire and Damart.