Town’s jobs boom goes on

Chris Riley, general managar of Radicon, Huddersfield, which uses "cloud" computing instead of in-house servers.
Chris Riley, general managar of Radicon, Huddersfield, which uses "cloud" computing instead of in-house servers.
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THE jobs just keep rolling into Elland. Radicon Transmission UK is the latest arrival. The Huddersfield-based firm moves into Lowfields at the end of next month, bringing with it 62 jobs – with more in the pipeline.

Hundreds more workers will be joining them elsewhere in Elland, breathing new life into the town. The Courier last week revealed direct-marketing company Reactiv Media had relaunched as the Reactiv Group with nine new brands and was expected to create another 600 jobs by the end of next year.

And The Decorative Panels Group, which has a factory and head office at Lowfields, will be relocating two factories from Huddersfield into Lowfields.

Around 120 staff will be transferred with that move early in the New Year and the firm expects more jobs to be created in its expanded facilities.

Machine-tool maker Boxford, employing 50 staff, will shortly move from Wheatley into a new factory at Dewsbury Road, Elland.

Another 300 jobs will be created by Morrisons, which now has permisson to build on the Wistons Lane site in a scheme that safeguards another 70 jobs with the relocating of Nu-Swift nearby.

The town’s easy access links and suitable accommodation have made it a magnet for expanding go-ahead companies.

Chris Riley, general manager at Radicon, said: “We couldn’t find anywhere in Huddersfield. Calderdale seems to have got it right setting up business parks.”

The firm specialises in industrial gearboxes providing a complete range of power transmission products.

It was formerly a division of David Brown Gear Systems but late last year was sold to the huge Elecon Engineering Group, of India.

Radicon and sister company Benzlers has manufacturing and sales centres across the world.

The Lowfields operation will import products, mostly from Thailand, for assembly and distribution. It will also offer a service centre.

Mr Riley said it was an exciting time for the company.

“We are looking to expand and there will be new jobs - the more we grow the more we will take on,” he said.

“We share our knowledge to improve quality and Elecon can help us with low-cost manufacturing.”