Tumble dryer production set to pass 12 million at Crosslee this year

Staff at Crosslee
Staff at Crosslee
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Crosslee plc was established in 1986 when the former Philips factory in Hipperholme was rescued from closure, thereby safeguarding some 200 jobs at the time.

Under Philips the factory manufactured washing machines and tumble dryers however Crosslee was established solely to manufacture tumble dryers.

The name Crosslee is an anagram of the surnames of the founders and majority shareholders Derek Clee and David Ross.

With competitor factories closing in the last few years Crosslee is now one of only two remaining British manufacturers of White Goods still operating in the UK and is the only British owned manufacturer.

The year 2012 will see Crosslee produce its twelve millionth tumble dryer!

Almost unbelievably Crosslee produces some 250 variants of tumble dryer from the small 3kg Compact dryer, through to the traditional 6kg Vented dryer and to the top of the range 7kg Condenser dryer.

Crosslee also manufactures a unique 7kg Eco Gas Tumble Dryer which uses gas rather than electricity as the heat source and which consequently produces 54 per cent less carbon than a typical electric tumble dryer with 61 per cent lower annual running costs.

With total sales of over half a billion pounds in the last 10 years Crosslee supports the British economy and puts Halifax on the world map.

Crosslee’s own White Knight brand of tumble dryer has been a market leader in the UK for over 10 years and is exported to over 75 countries worldwide to countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Israel and Saudi Arabia to name but a few. The company also exports significant volumes into mainland Europe as well.

The company’s own White Knight brand was also awarded the accolade as Britain’s most reliable tumble dryer brand by Which? Magazine in 2011.

Alongside the main tumble dryer product the White Knight brand also includes other major kitchen appliances namely washing machines, dishwashers and a range of refrigeration models.

What is less well known is that Crosslee also manufactures and sells Hostess Heated Food Servers, a business bought in the mid 1990s to supplement the tumble dryer business.

More recently the Hostess brand has been expanded to include a range of complementary products including Hot Trays, Wine Cabinets and Chillers and niche products such as Plate Warmers, Milk Frothers and Icemakers.

Success not only benefits the business it also benefits the community.

Crosslee is one of the largest and most important employers in the district averaging over 500 permanent and seasonal staff per year over the last 10 years.

Over this period, with a wage bill exceeding £100 million and over 75 per cent of Crosslee’s permanent workforce living within Calderdale, much of this will have been spent in the local economy.

Not only that, but wherever possible Crosslee uses local suppliers helping to support in excess of a further 100 jobs with an annual spend of over £1 million. Success breeds success!

Crosslee employees cover two or more generations of the same family in some cases; whilst the company is proud to support the local community by offering individuals career progression opportunities from factory operators up to senior management positions; whilst also offering traditional apprenticeships and graduate schemes.

Crosslee continually re-invests in the business with both additional buildings (the factory has been extended twice since Crosslee took over) and plant and machinery (over £5 million in the last 10 years).

Such investment safeguards the future of the business, its employees and the local economy.

Crosslee celebrated 25 years of business in 2011. The success of this well run and long established business bodes well for the next 25 years.