Cab firms agree to a price match

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Private hire firms in Halifax have agreed to match their prices for the first time from today.

The move means that the cheaper private hire companies will be hiking their fares to meet those charged by their more expensive competitors.

A standard journey will cost £3 for the first mile, with every mile after that charged at £1.40.

Sultan Mahmood, general secretary of the Calderdale Private Hire Association, said the move would make for fairer competition between firms in the face of rising fuel and insurance costs.

He said: “It will bring them all into line and personally I think it’s a good way forward.

“As taxi drivers, obviously we are seeing diesel and petrol prices increase and we are trying to keep our fares as low as we can for our customers.”

In January, Hackney carriage owners agreed not to increase their fares for the second year running.