Calderdale residents warned not to buy from backs of vans

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A warning about traders selling TVs and DVD players from the backs of vans is being issued to people across Calderdale.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards says sellers can offer what appears to be a bargain and will show a new item as a prop but when they place it in the boot of the consumer’s car, it is not the same type. It is only when the consumer unwraps the TV that it becomes clear they have not received the item they thought they had and often they have no way of contacting the seller.

Graham Hebblethwaite, from West Yorkshire Trading Standards, said: “This is not a new scam and has been around for years. The trader relies on consumers being unwary and over hasty. In the current economic climate many consumers are increasingly looking for a bargain and this scam will result in consumers suffering financial loss and struggling to obtain redress from the untraceable trader.”