96-year-old Elsie emigrated to Australia

Elsie Young who is 96 is emigrating to Australia with her niece Margaret Butcher.

Elsie Young who is 96 is emigrating to Australia with her niece Margaret Butcher.

A 96-year-old woman, born and bred in Calderdale, emigrated to Australia to spend the rest of her days with loved ones.

Elsie Young, who was born in Brighouse, and resided in Halifax since she wed for the first time in 1949, left on a jet plane on Friday, June 4, to fulfil a wish to spend her days surrounded by her niece Margaret Butcher, 75, and five generations of family, including Margaret’s father and Elsie’s brother-in-law Tom Silverwood, 96, in Busselton, three hours south of Perth, Western Australia.

The move has been a long-time dream for widow Elsie and Margaret who has begged her aunt to emigrate for over a decade.

Each year, Margaret spends three months with Elise at her Shaw Lodge flat.

During this trip, the pair were discussing the idea of living together when Elsie declared, in a last minute decision, she would finally make the dream a reality.

“Elsie and I were chatting and she said: “I think I will come home with you,”” said Margaret who emigrated to Australia with her family from Calderdale in 1951.

“I’ve visited Australia five times, over the last 30 years. I just thought now’s the time - I’m getting older and I want to spend the time I have with the people I love - there’s nothing more important than family.

“I will be sad to leave Shaw Lodge we have a good crowd here,” said Elsie.

Every week, Elsie has enjoyed playing card game Whist with residents but, she says, they’ll probably be glad she’s leaving as she tends to beat them and win the £1 weekly jackpot.

Shaw Lodge residents held a farewell tea-party for Elsie and she enjoyed her last game of Whist with them the night before she left.

Elsie will especially miss her long-time friend and neighbour of 32 years, Florence.

“A lot of my friends are no longer here and other than my step-son, Philip, I have no family here so now’s the time to take the plunge. I’m not nervous but I’m sure on the day I will have a little cry - it’s a big thought to think I will never see friends or Halifax again,” said Elsie.

After the 24-hour journey, Elsie will embark on her new life with Margaret who now plans on getting a Scottish Terrier dog to take for walks along a nearby beach now she will no longer make the annual trip to Halifax.

Elsie worked as a Halifax tailoress for 13 years from the age of 17 before leaving to care for her ill mother.

We would like to wish life-long Courier reader Elsie Young all the best for the rest of her twilight years with her family in Australia.




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