Happy birthday Mohammed! Pictures from the Halifax march

Muslims' parade to mark prophet's birth

MUSLIMS marked the birthday of the prophet Mohammed with a march through Halifax.

Dozens of worshipers from the Al Jamia Al Zahra mosque, Francis Street, paraded around the town as fireworks exploded overhead.

Young children waved placards denouncing terrorism and promoting peace while Islamic chants were played over loud speakers.

Organiser Asif Moghul said: "We are celebrating the month that the blessed prophet Moham-med was born. This signifies when God sent Mohammed as a gift to the whole world.

"And all Sunni Muslims through out the world will be celebrating for the whole month. It will be awesome."

Pupils from Beech Hill Primary School, Halifax, joined the march.

Head teacher John Davie said: "We wanted to be fully involved as a school to support the march. The kids were really excited about it."

The youngsters mixed with students from Parkinson Lane Primary School, Halifax, and they all enjoyed free treats dished out by local businesses.

Gugsy Ahmed, head teacher at Parkinson Lane, said: "We want to take every opportunity to celebrate with the community we serve. All out staff and pupils, whether they are Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu, came out to show unity in celebration and to show our respect for all religions."

There will be another parade next week.

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