Have girls solved the mystery of the UFOs?

THE mystery of strange lights hovering in the sky above the Calder Valley may have been solved by two teenagers.

The spooky lights, pictured above, caused a stir when they were spotted over Mytholmroyd on August 11.

Could they have been from an aeroplane or something more alien?

Amy Cheetham, 19, of Halifax, and Louise Neil, 18, of Hebden Bridge, believe they were, in fact, just fly-away Chinese lanterns.

Amy said: "We were walking the dog when we saw what appeared to be little hot-air balloons made of paper, like Chinese lanterns. There were about six of them and it was obvious they had been lit.

"I just thought it was a bit weird. Louise told me about the UFO story and I couldn't believe it. They are definitely not UFOs.

"I think we have probably solved the mystery." The incident has been causing a fair old flap since it was reported in the Courier.

Mark Jefferys, of Ashton Road, Mytholmroyd, said sons Matthew, 12, and Liam, 13, thought they could be UFOs.

"It couldn't have been helicopters because they were orange lights, not white," he said.

Other readers suggested the bright lights could be attributed to an annual natural phenomenon, known as Perseids.

James Fryer said: "I'm certainly no expert but I believe the lights were probably part of the annual meteor shower."

Gemma Kipping, of Todmorden, said she spotted the same activity two weeks earlier. "I thought they could have been hot-air balloons but then thought who would be out in a balloon at night?"

And ex-RAF avionics technician Chris Granger, 45, of Vale Mill Cottages, Cragg Vale, told us: "They moved in a very erratic manner and did not display the flight characteristic of a conventional aircraft."


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