Official: our seatbelt crusade saves life

THE Courier campaign to make motorists wear seatbelts has saved lives, official figures confirm.

Since the campaign started in July, there has been one death on Calderdale roads.

Kiran Mahmood, 18, from Huddersfield, died when the car she was in crashed in Boothtown, Halifax, in October.

But in the same period last year, police were called to four fatal crashes.

Sergeant Garry Alderson said: "These are the results we wanted to see. People are taking note of the seatbelt campaign and it is saving lives.

"We are still going out enforcing the law but we are struggling to find non-compliant drivers.

"More and more people are belting up and when an accident does happen we are seeing fewer serious injuries.

"But that does not mean we will not continue to enforce the law."

Serious injuries in road accidents have also fallen – from 15 to nine.

And the number of slight injuries is down from 212 to 190.

Peter Shepherdson, head of road safety, said the initial results were an excellent sign.

"This campaign was not launched just to save lives but to change people's habits for life," he said.

"In a short period we have had some excellent results.

"Some people have had painful lessons, felt in the pocket. But it's nowhere near as painful as losing a loved one."

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