Sixth form students insights into Auschwitz

Brighouse High sixth formers Ellice Hey, Tyler Carr and Aimee Lumb at Auschwitz, Poland

Brighouse High sixth formers Ellice Hey, Tyler Carr and Aimee Lumb at Auschwitz, Poland

Sixth form students visited the site where the most amount of European Jews were mass murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp.

Here, Calderdale students give an insight into the emotionally and physically gruelling day.

Tyle Carr, a sixth former at Brighouse High School said: “Today has been an interesting experience. Going into such detail about the Holocaust has been so hard hitting. Knowing innocent people were murdered in ways words cannot describe.

Trying to pass on the knowledge I have learnt today will be a task because I cannot describe what I have discovered today because it is so horrific. This was a once in a life time experience.”

Brighouse High School sixth former Ellice Hey, said: “Today the Holocaust was put into perspective as it helped show that it wasn’t six million people that died, it was six million individuals that died. Seeing the family photos and imagining their final outcome was heartbreaking.

The things I have seen today have made realise that extreme hatred can cause something we need to make sure is never repeated.”

Brighouse High School sixth former Aimee Lumb, said: “It’s a been life changing experience visiting Auschwitz.

I didn’t imagine the area to be so big, I cannot begin to imagine what it was like for the victims.

I’ve learnt so much from this experience and seeing the amount of hair cut from the victims was heartbreaking.

It sent shivers down my spine. The experience put what happened during the Holocaust into perspective as it showed that the victims that died were individuals and not just a number. I now need to let other people know about my experience.”

Charlotte Hemmingway, a sixth former at Rastrick High School, said: “Today felt so surreal to be stood in such a meaningful and historical place. Going to Auschwitz has made me realise that the Jews and other ‘undesirable’ groups that were brutally murdered in the Holocaust were not merely a number but individuals.”

Rastrick High School sixth former Josh Pare, said: “I have learnt a great deal. But there is still a lot I don’t know about the Holocaust. I still do not know how it happened or why it happened. But I do know you should speak up in the future - be you victim, bystander or persecutor.”




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