Tony Booth's wife hit with 'fake' parking fine: Officials probe her £60 ticket

OFFICIALS are investigating a car parking scam whose victims include Cherie Blair's father, the actor Tony Booth.

Mr Booth's disabled badge was on display when he and his wife Stephenie parked in Bramsche Square car park in Todmorden.

She was outraged when she discovered she had been hit with a 60 ticket – then discovered the company that issued it had no jurisdiction over the car park.

She said: "I thought the organisation was working for Calderdale Council. I didn't realise they shouldn't have been giving out tickets at all."

She has written to the company, requesting proof it issued the ticket legally.

Before she knew the parking firm had no powers over the car park, Mrs Booth sent a letter saying she had put a disabled badge in the window along with a copy of the badge and a cheque for 60.

"I sent the cheque in good faith hoping that when they opened the envelope they would see the letter about the disabled badge and realise there had been a mistake. But instead they banked it."

When she found the cheque had been cashed, she stopped it. Then she received a letter from the parking firm saying the penalty was late, and she now owed 86.

Dave Lodge, from West Yorkshire Trading Standards, said: "We've had a number of complaints about this company and are looking into it.

"If what the complainants are saying is true, then it is fraud."

Mrs Booth's husband made his name in the TV series Till Death Us Do Part. He and his wife moved to Todmorden in December 2006.


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