Tory chair sees seeds of business success

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Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps stopped off at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre to see how small businesses are springing up throughout Calderdale.

Mr Shapps said he was very impressed with the centre and was hopeful the government can give more support to local small businesses.

“This place is absolutely amazing,” he said. “You can feel the industry and entrepreneurship.

“One of the things we have done is held business rates so they don’t go up faster than inflation.

“Firms can now have a £2,000 rebate when they employ new members of staff to help them cover costs.”

Mr Shapps met Steven Leigh, head of policy and representation director at the Mid Yorkshire Chamber for Commerce, who outlined the pressures on small businesses.

In the week where Calderdale Council has announced another budget including cuts Mr Shapps said they were necessary to build a strong future.

“We were in recession and have cut back a third of the national deficit, but do we want to deal with it now or leave it for our children to clean up?”




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