Castle Carr Fountain fails to take off

Rotary club of Halifax arranged rare opportunity to view the old gravity fed Castle Carr Fountain, on the estate near Wainstalls, Halifax
Rotary club of Halifax arranged rare opportunity to view the old gravity fed Castle Carr Fountain, on the estate near Wainstalls, Halifax
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More than 600 people were left disappointed after the Castle Carr Fountain display failed.

The Rotary Club of Halifax offered walkers a rare opportunity to view the fountain in the Castle Carr Estate in Wainstalls.

But the crowds, who walked four miles to see the spectacle, were let down when the fountain spluttered at half power and failed to match the level of expectation.

Bryan Harkness, President of the Rotary Club of Halifax. said: “A few days before the walk, after some four hundred tickets had been sold in a fundraiser to support needy causes, an engineer from Yorkshire Water reported that a valve had broken during a test.

“Repair looked unlikely before the weekend but they would try.

“Then the day before they reported no success and we were told it would be at best only a 50 per cent showing.”

“We offered refunds, but most people said they would still do the walk because they had already arrived, which we were really amazed by.”

The 600 strong group then made their way to the fountain.

“At the appointed hour the water started to flow,” said Bryan.

“It started to rise but just as quickly started to slow until not a 50 per cent of normal height was achieved but only some 25 per cent.

“The height difference was remarkable from when we visited the fountain two years ago, but just as remarkably all those viewing it took it in good spirit.”

Yorkshire Water said that the fountain does not belong to them because it sits on private land.

However, they confirmed that they do maintain the fountain on behalf of the landowner and that there was a known fault with the fountain.

They also confirmed that they would be working to repair the fountain to ensure it returns to its former glory in the near future.

Bryan added: “The Rotary Club of Halifax wishes to thank everyone who turned up to give support for the fantastic day enjoyed by all.

“It was superb to see such local support that resulted in over £2,500 being raised to support both local needy charitable causes, as well as some further afield.

“Rotary will in due course let Courier readers and the good peopleof Calderdale know the charities that will have benefitted as a result of the day’s enjoyment.”

After the fountain disappointment over 400 made their way back to enjoy the hospitality of Alex, the landlord’s, famous Hog Roast.

“ With liquid refreshments of all types, wonderful food and the music of Owterzeds Big Band playing in the background, it was a really excellent family day out,” he said.

Bryan also thanked the Calder Valley Mountain Rescue team, who were on hand throughout the walk.

“The ground was tricky in places due to mud and water, but Calder Valley Mountain Rescue Team were on hand just in case, but no reported injuries were sustained,” he said.