Clean-up continues after ‘mini tornado’ in Calder Valley

Damage at Luddenden Foot
Damage at Luddenden Foot
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Properties were left damaged and residents were left without power after a freak wind wreaked havoc in the Calder Valley.

It tore through Cragg Vale and Luddenden Foot on Friday evening uprooting trees along the way.

Kevin Tynan Bowe said Booth House Road and Blackwood Hall Lane, Luddenden Foot, were badly affected.

“Along with wheelie bins flying back and forth, and trampolines behaving like kites, we had a tree blown down (see photo), which brought down power lines, causing power failure to several homes,” he said.

“Several homes have minor damage to roofs due to the loss of ridge tiles.”

Trees were also ripped up in Cragg Vale with residents describing the wind as a “mini tornado and a hurricane through the valley.”