Collapsed wall ‘was inspected last June’

Reader pics of train derailment near Bankhouse tunnel.
Reader pics of train derailment near Bankhouse tunnel.

QUESTIONS are being asked after a Halifax-bound train was derailed by debris from a collapsed wall.

The 5.55am service from Hebden Bridge to Leeds, via Halifax, was derailed on Saturday morning.

The train hit chunks of wall which had fallen 40-ft down the embankment off Dudwell Lane, Halifax.

Heavy rainfall is being blamed for the collapse.

Network Rail have confirmed the walls are checked every year.

The wall, near Calderdale Royal Hospital, was last inspected on June 24 2010.

A spokesperson said a Rail Accident Investigation Branch would look into what happened and what lessons can be learnt from Saturday’s derailment. Eight passengers and two crew were aboard the train at the time.

Services resumed as normal on Monday after engineers checked there was no damage to tracks and the train could safely be moved. It is the third accident on Calderdale lines in the last three years. On December 28 a train in Summit tunnel in Tomorden a train was derailed after colliding with a block of ice the size of a small car. And in 2008, around 40 tons of mud and vegetation crashed at Elland, blocking the Halifax to Huddersfield line.