Crash victim saved by 40 pints of blood says thanks to donors

Blood donors David Wilkinson, crash victim David Copes, Joyce Evans and Kathryn Hodgson.
Blood donors David Wilkinson, crash victim David Copes, Joyce Evans and Kathryn Hodgson.

THREE Halifax blood donors have been honoured for rolling up their sleeves to save lives.

David Wilkinson, Joyce Evans and Kathryn Hodgson were recognised by NHS Blood and Transplant at a recent awards ceremony for making 75 donations each.

Mrs Hodgson, a retired medical secretary who worked at Shelf Health Centre for almost 20 years, has been giving blood since 1974.

The 64-year-old said: “Donating blood doesn’t take long. It doesn’t cost anything and it could help someone.

“You even get a drink and a snack at the end”

Mrs Evans, a 68-year-old former businesswoman who used to run Richards Footwear Repair and Keycutting in Crown Street, Halifax, has been donating for around 43 years and says she gives blood as she has always simply felt it is a good thing to do.

Mr Wilkinson, 60, who works in the printing industry, has been donating for 40 years and was spurred on by his father-in-law receiving six units during heart surgery.

The three donors were presented with their awards at a ceremony in Harrogate by grateful Yorkshire blood recipient David Copes, of South Elmall, Pontefract.

Mr Copes needed 40 pints of blood after suffering horrific injuries in a motorcycle accident near Leeds. Darren Bowen, the blood service’s leading donor relations manager for Yorkshire, said: “It’s wonderful that we can call on people like our donors who have dedicated themselves to giving blood over so many years.

“Mr Copes’ story highlights the life-saving role they perform for no reward, other than the knowledge that they are helping others.

“However, every year many existing donors in our region have to stop giving blood due to factors like ill-health and medication, so to maintain blood stocks, we constantly need new donors.”

To become a donor, phone 0300 123 23 23 or visit