Gun attack: Community frightened and in shock

Police tape around junction of Hopwood Lane and Gibraltar Road, Halifax.
Police tape around junction of Hopwood Lane and Gibraltar Road, Halifax.

Two men have been arrested in connection with a shooting in Halifax.

The men were questioned by police after a gun was fired at a house in Hopwood Lane.

Family members were inside at the time and the shooting has shocked the community.

Police were called at 11.36pm on Monday after reports that the property had been damaged by a firearm being discharged.

Officers immediately sealed off the area at the junction with Gibraltar Road and police were stationed outside the home.

Residents have been left frightened and said a police presence had made them feel at ease.

Neighbour Tahara Parween said they thought the noise had been fireworks.

“I never thought anything like this would happen around here, it’s really a nice quiet area,” she said.

Amanda Pinder, of nearby Mile Cross Place, said it was nice to have a police presence.

“Because I don’t know what happened it was quite nice them being there because if anything else did happen we know that they are here,” she said. “I think it’s more of a one off incident not that we know much about it.”

Mohammed Ramzan, also of Mile Cross Place, said he had returned home from work at midnight to find the road had been cordoned off by police.

“It’s scary that this has happened, it’s very bad. It doesn’t make the community look good. My children have been asking me questions about it. I said I don’t know.”

Calderdale councillor Jenny Lynn said it was very unexpected.

“On the whole we’ve been very pleased in the way in which we’ve seen a decrease in crime in the ward in recent years.

“I’m confident that the community will support the police in their efforts to find out what happened, something like this is really inexpected in the ward. It’s a matter of great concern for local people.

“All I can say is over the past few years we’ve seen a steady decrease in levels of crime in the ward, that’s because we’ve had very good working relationships with people in the community and the police.”

The road was re-opened on Tuesday although officers were at the scene for 48 hours.

Detective Chief Inspector Terry Long of Calderdale CID said: “We take a positive approach to removing firearms from the streets of Calderdale to ensure that the people who live, work and visit the area remain safe. It is very rare we encounter incidents of this nature in Calderdale.

“Neighbourhood Policing Team officers were on the streets, talking to residents to reassure them and gather information.

“If people are concerned about what is happening in their area, they can speak with their local Neighbourhood Policing Team. These teams are the in the heart of the local communities and are the eyes and ears against crime.”

Police said a window was broken in the shooting but there were no injuries.

The local men, aged 29 and 30, have been released on police bail pending further inquries. They were held on suspicion of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101.