Cycling away with a week’s groceries!

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A SUPERMARKET will have to spend more than £88,000 making it easier for cyclists to shop at its proposed new store.

Calderdale Council has drawn up draft planning conditions for Morrisons, which intends building at Wistons Lane, Elland.

The business received backing from councillors last month – subject to approval from the Secretary of State – for development which will also include relocating fire extinguisher firm Nu-Swift nearby.

Under planning policy an objective is to reduce travel mileage and requires that: “development is located where it can serve shoppers using public transport or other modes of transport such as pedestrians or cyclists as well as those travelling by car.”

Consequently, under a Section 106 Agreement which is used to seek funding from developers to benefit the community, council officials have suggested Morrisons makes two significant contributions which are:

It should put £37,500 towards a segregated cycle route along the southbound section of the A629 and £51,250 towards improving the environment and access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Officers say the above obligations would be necessary to make the develoment acceptable in planning terms and it would be reasonable to enter into a legal agreement to secure those obligations.

The report will be discussed by councillors at Tuesday’s planning meeting.