Cyclist in US event

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A Halifax man diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) over 20 years ago is travelling to New York to compete in a 30 mile event for charity.

Simon Lord, will be taking part in the MS Bike event held in Manhattan hoping to raise money for the MS Society, with more than 5,000 other participants taking part.

Diagnosed with the disease in 1986, his symptoms include excessive fatigue, reduced mobility and strength in both legs and restricted movement and coordination, Simon has been using an electric bike for seven years.

Sailing by boat to accommodate his electric bike, the journey to New York will take Simon six days, arriving for the day of the event.

Hoping to complete the ride in around three hours, the 54-year-old said taking part in the event is all about raising awareness.

He said: “I want to be an ambassador for cycling. Just because you have MS it doesn’t mean you can’t ride. I want to empower more people to start riding; it’s got to be better than being stuck at home.

“Bike MS will be a unique experience, it’s also about raising awareness and funds.”